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We, WisdomBay, are a group of tech savvy minds with the sole aim of providing the net community with quality IT Services. We are an IT Consultancy and an IT Publishing House (with a flagship IT Magazine which is in the launchpad. This magazine is being designed to be quite different from others available in the market by being more oriented towards the technical side of IT).

Project Rainbow - the information bazar

We are also building a huge repository of Technical information, which will help programming tasks across various platforms and languages.This Information Repository (which we are planning to call 'Project Rainbow') once published on the net will be a one-stop shop for all programming related queries.

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We are trying to bring back the old day's spirit of internet, i.e the true spirit of sharing information. This site acts as a collection and delivery house of Information Technology related information and tools.

What do we offer: From our downloads section you can get your hands at some light weight but power packed Software tools built in our studio's and our articles section can help you in your quest for knowledge.

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